London Ontario Escorts

A look into the Industry of Escorts in London Ontario and the rest of Canada

Since the collapse of Backpage due to US Federal Laws, Escorts have moved to other websites like Leolist to advertise sexual services. These sites use the .cc as a smoke and mirrors approach to appear as an off-shore ad site but are maintained within Canada.
With strange, backward laws in Canada, many are seeking information on the adult entertainment industry. What's legal? What isn't?

Currently the best place to find information of what's happening in the London Ontario area is a local discussion board called the London Sugar Forums.
The site also hosts advertising for other forms of Adult Entertainment in London Ontario, including Paid Companions, Massage Providers, Strip Clubs, Sex Toy Shops, Tabacco Shops, Cannabus Shops and much more.
Although London Sugar does not "advertise" Prostitution or "Escorting" it does host discussions about that industry as another form of adult entertainment. It is a forum where interested parties can voice their opinions on the laws and what local law enforcement is doing to battle what they percieve as the most horrible of all criminal activities.

Current Canadian Laws make it illegal to purchase sexual services but allow it to be sold.
Public communication for sexual services is illegal and anyone advertising another person adverising the sale of sexual services is in violation of current federal laws.
What is happening in the United States, takes this one step further by making it illegal for
website servers to host any website selling sexual services, like Backpage once did.

What all these laws really do, is drive prostitution onto the streets and under ground.
It puts providers at extreme risk, and devalues them as human with human rights. It labels mature women as self-destructive whatout resonable intellgence to understand what they are doing. Much like Canada before 1916 when women weren't even allowed to vote.
In a world where the government support alcoholism, smoking, gambling and marijuana, it's kind of odd they do whatever they can to stamp out the fair consensual act of sex with two adults where money is involved. You can have an orgy of 100 people but pay one person a dollar in appreciation and you go to jail.

Of course human trafficking and under age providers needs immediate action, but those problems are already covered by human rights laws. Shoving the industry into a back ally where no one can see it, is not a great way to fix anything.
Alcohol, Marijuana, Gambling and Smoking are legal recreation by responsible adults which are endorsed (and profited by) the Canadian Government. Many people become addicted to these vices which causes serious health problems and destroys lives. Sex is a basic human need and a biological function of the human body. In fact procreation is a basic function of all living organizims on the planet earth. No one was born to need alcohol.
Prostitution needs to be decriminalized. In fact more people use the services than what the public realizes. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Police Officers, Judges, Politicians, and more. From every walk of life, men use the services of Prostitutes, they just won't admit it for obvious reasons.

Let's decriminalize Prostitution, recognize providers as real people, while offering them the protection and the support they deserve to be healthy, happy and safe.
Prostitution will NEVER be eliminated regardless of how many laws are pumped out by those ignorant of what this industry is all about and who the people are involved with it.

This message is in protest to the injustice against mature working women and to help give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves for fear of the public backlash.
We will be supporting the London Sugar forums and other similar websites until this problem is fixed or hell freezes over.
If those sites are removed, we will support the sites that replace them, as they will exist as long as Prostitution exists, which will be to the end of time, like it or not.